Panorama or Broadband Sensing

Animals have two ways of using their senses, focussed and broadband. The senses which they can use in a broadband way are seeing, listening, and smelling.

Broadband sensing evolved because it was the most direct method of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. Animals use this to guard against danger, it makes life safe.

Focussed sensing evolved to do things. It involves something animals need or want.

For animals, survival depends on their ability to use broadband sensing in combination with all their focussed activities. This is a balance.

In our modern culture we seem to need only focussing abilities: e.g. drawing, reading, thinking and concentration. To give children a good start in life, we encourage focussed sensing and thinking from an increasingly early age, and by doing this we actively undermine our broadband abilities before they have even started to develop.

Broadband sensing is a vital part of the oldest original way of staying alive. It is another way of experiencing and understanding life. From something so fundamental to life, we could expect a whole range of consequences. As individuals and as a culture, we can't expect to find any realistic sense of balance or safety without sensing in a broadband way.

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