Pleasure leads to preferences or pre-references, which lead to always wanting to be somewhere else, never being fully here now. How does a feelingfull person find a way out of the wheel of repetition?

on Death and Bereavement

I was re-reading Watts book at the time of my fathers death ... Watts handles death philosophically. The personal experience of death, of someone you love, can be so shattering that most people dont seem to have a clue how to cope with it and must repress their feelings and simply get back to work as soon as possible.

Yet exactly this shattered feeling ... this totally knocked out, open fragile feeling, ,... opens me up and allows me - more than that - I can not avoid seeing life new, and the new vision offers new hope, ... I automatically reassess my priorities in life with new depth, perspective and understanding.

This great and even magnificient moment of death knocked me out for weeks ... and I have no great understanding of death – but also even no questions about it – Im just truly amazed – and it seems this is fully human and fully my reality and fully common sense, and there is nothing more or less that I should feel ... - It really makes me feel the need for an old fashioned month of mourning and peace when someone important dies ... just to let yourself be truly astounded.