Pleasure leads to preferences or pre-references, which lead to always wanting to be somewhere else, never being fully here now. How does a feelingfull person find a way out of the wheel of repetition?

How to Learn Things the Da Vinci Way

I once heard a BBC report on Leonardo da Vinci who apparently when he reached a block, would simply move onto something else, returning maybe years later, from a different perspective, to solve the block.

I feel sure he was NOT multi-tasking - i believe when he did something he was totally involved in only that - but i imagine as soon as he felt the energy going out of one idea he simply moved to another idea - and so, avoided the whole frustration of getting obsessed and feeling blocked.

The trick seems to be to change and find something new interesting before you even start getting tired.


and the rest is all sort of draft version ... and i know nothing of the broad perspective on learning theories ... so maybe its for someone else to write.

I think that maybe multi tasking is another way to solve the need for diversity plus the need for concentration problem - as when the student listens to radio watches TV while writing their special studies - perhaps a more creative idea would be to write 5 mini projects at the same time.

i believe to really think simply and accurately about complicated things, and learning anything new, i must let the subconscious have time to process answers from lots of different perspectives, and to do that i MUST actively occupy my conscious with something else ... if i just try and stop (and for example turn on the TV) then the subconcious keeps throwing up the old, one important subject back up, and then very little can develop subconsciously.

The trick is to be to stop and find something new interesting before you even start getting tired.

It seems to me if i stop eg. learning computer - even before i start getting blocked, then i still have the energy to do other things, and also want to come back later and learn a bit more computer.

It is at times very difficult tying to stop early ... and i find i need to have about 5 other things which are fun to learn/think about to help me get moving if im stuck - and then i can quickly and enjoyably break any obsession/frustration which is building up.

------------------ other thoughts

concentration and will power are the old ideas on discplined learning - i suggest disciplining yourself is NOT the most successful way of learning any new discipline.

--------------------------- and questions -

i dont know how the da vinci method could be used in schools ..

with children it seems very natural and healthy to run into new things and fall over a few times, maybe children arent so goal orientated, they just automatically give up and do something else ? do they? would they if they were not disciplined to concentrate?

now, me talking about childrens upbringing is really ridiculous ... but id like to hear your ideas.


extra note

this "doing a bit at a time" and stopping and changing before you get blocked seems a good idea for many things eg. relationships - and i find very interesting - though i dont understand why amd how ... but, it suggests the much misunderstood old hippie ideal of free love, where, with every new unattached love, the love altogether is increased, (and so no-one needs be jealous or insecure, because every new love just increases my love, even for every old love) ...