Pleasure leads to preferences or pre-references, which lead to always wanting to be somewhere else, never being fully here now. How does a feelingfull person find a way out of the wheel of repetition?


The idea of flaring the nostrils comes from: Daniel Reid "The Tao of Health Sex and Longevity" Simon and Schuster 1989.
I believe he learnt it from Andre van Lysebeth "Pranayama the Yoga of Breathing" Unwin 1979.

There are many other books with crazy simple mammal-like ideas : specfically perhaps Carlos Castenada's "Don Juan" series, but i dont think i have ever seen any of the above ideas anywhere else ... this essay will, i hope, be added to that select little branch of literature .. and i would love to have of any other relevant references.

I "discovered" the peripheral vision, after doing the chi-gong exercise of looking over the left shoulder, through the corner of the left eye, then repeating this to the right - (gently turn the head) - To look as far as possible, one must open the corner of the eye - (use your common sense as with all experiments).

The first experiences and ideas for this essay ocurred around 25, 12, and 15 yrs. ago. Over the years i have slowly gathered experiences and ideas. Since 3-4 yrs. i have been taking it more seriously, and now, every day enjoy 2-3 minutes or so, of sensory yoga, as part of a flexible creative daily routine.

i have never heard or seen anything like THIS published anywhere ... how important might these ideas be for other people?

if someone, anyone, would start thinking about these ideas and experimenting - please contact me ... and particularly young people, because ideas and feelings like this need years to develop ... i would really like to build on these ideas ...


other notes

(and the most boring section)

i believe by letting my senses rediscover their basic usage, it brings me nearer to being "mindful" than 40 years attempting to concentrate with just mind ... im sure the ideas could be developed in many different ways

i dont know how this works psychologically; what edges of autism, or infant perception i may be touching. I dont know when the optimal time is to construct our understanding (to learn) and when to deconstruct it (to clear our preconceptions and look new), or how much may be necessary to provide a balance to what is otherwise the inevitable fixing of more and more static concepts as we grow growing older.
All these exercises are very easy to do.
They are easy to do because they are totally natural.
They are natural because they are/were a life necessity -
All animals have been doing this for millions of centuries as a necessity for survival.

I want to know more, there must be much more ...

I believe such simple exercises could give a sense of life which would help many people to be a little more comfortable in their skin ... a little more at home in their body ... a little happier and with a little less need for the never ending babble in our upper brains ...

These exercises do not require any higher inteligence to understand any deep mystical paradoxical philosophies ... no unbelievable tests of faith ... and no money! I think, all they need is a bit of common sense and an attitude of wanting to enjoy life.


another real simple idea is from jesus : to love and to love God, (with all your heart strength and understanding : the greatest commandment)

but i believe it is too difficult and hurtful for most people to centre in our hearts ... i suggest the lower brain is easy; and might be an easy step to make, ... a step to where ? ... live experimentally, live how it feels right, pure and true.

Taming The Hedgehog