'Taming the monkey mind', is an expression often used in meditation circles. Let's ignore the monkey mind for a while, let's start by empathising with the horse, the hare, and the hedgehog.

Broadband Sensing is 'Out of the Box'
There are at least two ways broadband sensing influences our search for Oneness or God, as a starting point, and as a balance for anything we focus on.

As a starting point, broadband sensing is a practical, efficient, and natural way of starting the 'oneness-process'.

Even for those people who have no spiritual belief, it is a first step to feeling connected, balanced, and even contented. And for those who believe in a God, we can make the first step by being now, silencing our thoughts, and feeling intimately connected with our immediate environment. It's not eternity, but maybe it's a door.

As a balance. In religious thought there is a Basic Misconception that the Senses lead to Worldly Desire. So disciples of truth and peace, either focus on something pure and holy, or close their senses and focus on an internal image, mantra, prayer, or listen for inner peace in the silence.

Focussing is the only way there is to get things done, and that includes finding God. But it's not necessary to close the senses in order to find God.

It's necessary to focus intensively on God, but that means we need an intensive balance. Throughout evolution the combination of broadband awareness with any focussed activity was fundamental to the balance in life.

What i'm suggesting is not a new religious way or form of yoga or meditation. It doesn't replace any focussed activity or any form of worship, it balances it. We have lost this balance in life, in all that we do, including the search for Oneness or God.

The Bottom Line
Lots can only be done by "the grace of God". And if we want help or forgiveness, then we need that from something greater than us. But to be still inside and now, and stop all the pointless abstract thinking, that's up to us to do. And the easiest, most direct way to do this, is by going broadband.

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