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The Practical Exercises

You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals or babies.
The following Chapters are my ideas, they may help, they are experimental and still being researched.

Chapter Three - Seeing and Listening

Going Broadband - 300 words- short essential introduction
Listening-Out - 817
Seeing Everything - 870 Seeing The Changes

Broadband Body Awareness - 140 words
Body and Breathing - 910
How to Doze - Phase One - 856 Listening Inside and Seeing with Closed Eyes - 303

Chapter Four - Smelling and Tasting

Integration - Inside and Outside - Smelling - 200 words
First Smelling Exercises - 404 words
Tasting and Smelling Games - 1,793 words
Isolating the In and Out-smell - 694
Savouring Scents - How to Doze Phase Two - 1,298

How to Doze Phase Three - 1,267

Draft Versions and Archive

And, for clarity - a separate Index Page for Chapter 5 : Religious Demystification

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