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The world is a terribly insecure place for animals. And apart from being eaten alive, hunger and cold; for the last 100 years it's been even more difficult.

Humans have become very loud and smelly, overpowering senses which are totally essential to many animals survival. Firework nights, road works, beat music, helicopters and recently, air blowers, are all terrifying. Night lights confuse the rhythm of life. The skies and oceans are no longer safe refuges. Homes and territories are destroyed with tarmac and concrete. Human rubbish dumps used to be so nourishing, but have now become plastic and poisoness. The list could last for pages.

Animals have experienced arguably more disorientation in the last hundred years than humans have. The sheer immensity of new problems they have now is unimgainable. Humans would go crazy with the injustice, grief and worry of it all. In the face of such sensless tyranny, humans would become dysfunctional loonies, terrorists or junkies.

How have any animals at all survived? How do they manage it?

Animals don't have our human abilities with abstract thought. Infact they have to develop a talent to stop thinking, in order to survive, They have to be able to just feel and sense the world directly and immediately in order to survive.

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