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Being Awake and Aware

Animals have two ways of using their senses, focussed and broadband. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. This is the oldest, original, most natural, tried and tested form of being awake in the present moment and staying alive.

Broadbanding evolved because it was the quickest most direct way of experiencing anything which was happening nearby, with an awareness of a broad spectrum of possible dangers or food.

In its basic form, the focussed selective isolation of one object is also awake and aware, but with the intense and exclusive training humans have with focussed sensing and thought, the selective isolation of ideas leads to a lack of general awareness and either dullness or narrow-mindedness.

From the way we sense and the way we use our senses, we create the world we feel. This has often been said, but only rarely directly applied to our senses. It's nothing mystical or metaphysical, it's not even philosophical, it's just at first rather strange: I'm suggesting a practical physiological method of using the senses, to be awake, now, aware of and connected with our environment.


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