The Middle Way and Broadband Sensing
Extract from Buddhism and the Middle Way

Buddha started his life as a Prince and enjoyed all the pleasures of this world. When he was around thirty years old he left his home to search for truth. He followed the Hindu way, renouncing all attachments and abstaining from all sensory pleasure, and he became an ascetic (hermit) for many years.

Then he realised there was another way to approach fulfillment, life and truth, and he called this 'The Middle Way'.

It is clearly written and unquestioned by Buddhists that The Middle Way is a way between the two extremes of sensual indulgence (as a prince) and sensory withdrawal (as an ascetic).

Broadband sensing fulfills these criteria perfectly.

I believe that broadband sensing is the practical teaching of the Middle Way. It is active renunciation, it supports moderation, and is an ideal expression of the Eightfold Path. There are many other beneficial psychological and philosophical attitudes which it could be combined with.

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