Buddhism and Wheels
Attachment is a consequence of repetitions
Extract from Buddhism and Wheels

The First Truth tells us what Dukkha is. These days Dukkha is commonly understood as 'suffering'.

In Buddha's time the word Dukkha was used to describe when a wheel was not turning smoothly on its axle. In those days the wheels squeaked and wobbled, and the hub needed constant maintenance in order to run smoothly.

Dukkha describes how our existence is not running smoothly. The hub of the ancient wooden spoked wheel symbolises almost perfectly, how life wobbles, and sometimes starts grinding or gets twisted and blocked.

Modern suggestions for the interpretation of Dukkha are : suffering, anxiety, distress, unsatisfactory, frustration, unease, or stress, - but none of these have the sense of repetition and self perpetuating motion as witnessed in the wheel: - not running smoothly, not turning well.

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