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This page is not directly connected to the other ideas on the site; but it gives me a sense of belonging, which is surely in some way similar to animals who live in groups and herds. It started as an idea, now it's something i believe in.

Ancient cultures were bound together by their beliefs on creation and death. Since Darwin and Einstein our culture has a new set of creation beliefs ... some new ideas about death would be comforting.

I would like to describe the stewpot model, about what could happen, to us, after death ...

The stewpot cooks .. and each of us is a BLUB (a beautiful individual blub) – it lasts a split second then splashes out, evaporating and condensating into steam and smells, ... and then, ... over the course of the next 30 minutes, ... what was previously just one BLUB will become part of hundreds of new BLUBS ...!

I see death as a point where we will somehow spread our seeds, that after death our consciousness, our qualities, our desires etc will separate out, and then rejoin with qualities from others ...

In one of our next lives, my fears and your hopes could be drawn together ... combined as part of a new process, in a new person.

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