The Value of Focussing on God

From the broadband perspective:
A great creative spirit - especially if it's only an abstract idea - is ideal to focus on.

God is an amazing abstract focal point. And, IF the idea of a great creative spirit developed purely as a result of our abstract system of focussing - the system which selects and isolates parts of reality, the system which divides life into bits to understand the relationships ... then exactly that makes god valid. We need a supreme focal point for our focussing systems, to give them something to relate to. A subject needs an object.

Our focussing systems need something to focus on, that's nature, so it's sensible to focus on things which are good, healthy and beneficia. A higher aim, an eternal essence, a creative great spirit is ideal. And this is appropriate because focussing and concentration are easy and natural with anything beautiful, creative or awesome. Focussing is useful and practical with anything you want. And focussing is indispensible for achieving any higher goal in life. But our culture is missing an elementary starting point.