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Animals have two ways of using their senses, focused and broadband. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. Broadband sensing is a vital part of the oldest, original, most natural form of staying alive. Animals use this mode of sensing in combination with all their focused activities and also while dozing.

Humans have developed some unique and ingenious ways of balancing their focused work activities, with focused play activities, such as sport, entertainment, sex, religions and creative expression, and then at the end of day, all this is balanced with sleeping. On special occasions humans seek inner peace in silence, and then typically, close the eyes, and focus on the breathing, a mantra, prayer or image.

Animals don't focus on fun, creativity, or mental images, as a balance for their focused work. Animals balance their focusing with broadbanding. Broadbanding is part of the mix.

What i'm suggesting is not a new religious way or form of yoga or meditation. It doesn't replace any focused activity, it balances it.

What i'm suggesting is nothing as awesome as God, it's not as exciting as a good film, it's not as assertive as hearing your own voice, and it's not as entertaining as having a good laugh. It's very gentle and normal, every animal can do it, the only really fascinating thing about it is how we've forgotten how to do it.

Music, love and lovers, and most forms of meditation, prayer, and creative therapy can all bring our lives in balance, and help us to connect with forgotten unrealised parts of ourselves and to be fully human. And they are all wonderful but, ...

Broadband sensing IS a forgotten unrealised part of ourselves, AND part of evolution's basic balance in life.

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