The idea of focussing on the present moment, confuses the natural order of life

You can focus on something and think about something else. In fact, the problem is, that most of the time when our senses are focussing on something, we are thinking about something else. Life is about coordination and the challenge is to concentrate. And so various spiritual and meditation disciplines have developed the idea of focussing on the present moment.

Focussing on the present moment, what you are doing, each footstep, the taste of food, is a fine thing to do - the problem is - it's very difficult. Actually living in the present moment would be amazing, but just to get a litle bit of direct and simple peace of mind for a few moments would be a good start. Nature's way, and the easy and effective way of being in the present moment, is broadbanding.

Focussing is good for doing things and planning things. When we want something, concentration comes naturally and focussing is useful and easy. So, it's good advice when focussing, to have wholesome, inspiring ideas and focal points. But focussing on the present moment is a confusion of perspectives.

In order to be now, with a feeling of integration and awakeness, it's not focussing or what we focus on which is important, it's how we use the senses, by being mindful in a broadband way we are automatically now.

The idea of focussing on the present moment in order to be now, is an attempt at a unifying theory. Not everything can be unified, at least not from a focussed perspective on life. It may seem attractive but it's an over simplification and it confuses the natural order of life.

It could be argued that this is only a confusion of terminology, but the terms indicate an attitude, a perspective and a way to be. Everyone understands what we normally mean by 'focussing'. We need meaningful terms in order to think clearly. Focussing and broadbanding are two different ways of sensing and experiencing life. They are two different ways of being.

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