The Navigator's Triangulation Points
Human identity

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With our early education in focussed thought, we have overpowered some of our basic animal abilities. We have neglected abilities which all other animals need to survive.

Animal identity is based on their inner body feeling, and their relationship with and place in the world, as perceived by both the broadband and focussed use of their senses.

There are so few people who even practice an awareness of how their body smells, tastes and feels from the inside. That dimension of our sense of reality and identity is overshadowed by our outward appearance.

And as a culture, we don't even recognise the possibility and potential of going broadband. We hardly ever experience how life feels when using this inborn human ability.

Broadband sensing and our internal body sense reduce the need for social confirmation of 'who we think we are', because they add new dimensions to our sense of identity. They are other dimensions of knowing ourselves, feeling real and feeling 'i exist'. They give us balance and like a navigator's triangulation points, together with focussing, they establish a realistic relationship between the world inside and the world outside.

From my perspective, as individuals we can't expect to develop any realistic and reliable sense of balance, without going broadband for a minute or so every few hours. ... And any modern culture can't expect to survive, without at least recognising that the senses can be used in this way.

Broadbanding is part of what it means to be human, it's part of our potential as humans. Part of what we are, ... or could be if only we used it. All people of all cultures have access to this way of sensing the world. This way of experiencing life, is part of the original human make up. It's not a new religion, it's part of the original ancient way of being. It's a common denominator among all people of all cultures. It could be a great unifying factor for people of all cultures.

Thieves, liars, and sinners could do it, ... and i wonder what effect it could have? murderers, materialistic millionaires, and anti social yobs could do it ... you don't need to be selfless and pure of heart to start doing it. Intellectual academics, fools, drug addicts and politicians could do it ... and i wonder what effect it could all have?

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