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The historical personalised God image which Nietzsche destroyed, has no influence on the great creative spirit. Neither do Freud's ideas of a personal individual ego, and whether this ego has any actual substance or is purely abstract, is also irrelevant. From a broadband perspective all these ideas are only focal points.

(note: Nietzsche and Freud are personal heroes, because they were rebels, with revolutionary extraordinary new ideas which were appropriate for that time ... but ...).

Nowadays people often see believing in God as rather stupid. Praying is just about ok, if you feel you need it, but having to rely on a great creative eternal spirit is a weakness. The point and aim of modern life is to be a self reliant individual.

We only understand life in terms of focal points and we need something to focus on. If we don't have an admirable, awesome and hopefully good god, then we will inevitably end up following our own wants and hopes, our own ideas, opinions, beliefs and ego. Our focusing systems are built that way. We need to feel ourselves as a focal point and we need to have focal points, otherwise we feel pointless.

In modern life, many people live in a state of suffering. I believe release from suffering is relatively easy, but trying to be an independent self sufficient ego is really tricky. Only a few people can achieve that. In a herd there are only a few leaders, (or influencers), most follow. Every culture can only have a few heroes who have or appear to have, a culturally confirmed, special and admirable ego. (And even these 'successful' few never appear satisfied, the search for more, is typically self-perpetuating.)

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