The mystical experience of oneness, or absorption as Buddha called it, describes a state where the subject is absorbed in an object. - (Some questioners may feel this is a form of schizophrenic delusion. Even if it is a delusion, this delusion is independantly reported in various cultures. Apparently it feels wonderfully real, and brings peace of mind, freedom, great happiness, and empathy with all beings. So let's all get deluded!)

Love is a similar experience, often this is a feeling of unity with another person. Some animals have an implicit sense of bonding and belonging with others. The feeling of bonding and belonging in a group is also availiable for humans, often in the form of a family.

Various cultures have recognised states of being and feeling, like compassion and sympathy. And we have also recently invented the word and concept of 'empathy', to describe a state of being with, and imagining what it feels like to be the person we're with, or the pet we love. The invention of this word suggests a welcome development in our awareness.

So empathy also describes a state of being where the subject is absorbed in an object.

These were the few, rare, special words, describing where the subject is absorbed in an object. And now i'm suggesting a fourth word, - the least of these, but maybe the starting point : broadbanding.

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