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This is the start of the inner development of the physical senses. Im wondering how to explain this simply – Feb 25th.

I found the external use of the senses so interesting, i reasoned or intuited that if an animals sense of reality is so much more to do with seeing listening and smelling, rather than thinking, then they can probably listen smell and 'see' inside their bodies more than we do.

When i started doing the smelling exercises, i realised i had found something which after 50 years of general awareness of spiritual trends, i had never heard of, ... i believe hinted at in elementary Buddhism and Taoism ...

Each of our physical senses has it's own sphere of sensitivity, and it's own internal healing powers. Humans are left rather stupidly thinking they feel pain, some humans use the kinaesethetic inner sense of touch, with body mindfulness some pains can be eased. But each of our taste hearing seeing senses add a different dimension to our sense of reality.

Listening inside is easy – there's a background beating, but then listen to your stomach, wait for it to rumble. Then listen to your joints. You won't often hear anything, but exactly like with listening out, that's not the point, it's the openness and readiness to hear which is the vital part. And notice how just listening, relaxes the area. Listen out inside your whole body. I find it feels especially good to listen to the spine, any stiffness in the torso, ... and the stomach rumbles, bones sometimes pop into place.

Normally, with closed eyes, we see little stars or vague shapes and lines or sometimes a kaleidoscope image. This is a result of our normal habitual focused vision. When looking in a broadband way with the eyes closed, we can see light all around, as though it shines out through the forehead, temples, and cheeks.

To some extent this must be an optical illusion ... but animals who have their eyes on both sides of their heads, would have had this optical illusion through millions of years of dozing. And so now, stretch your empathy and imagination to feel how it might be for a duck or a horse to see light in and through their entire heads.

Doing the seeing exercise with closed eyes may be a similar sensation to the one babies have in the womb. Babies can distinguish light and shade (and sound) through the mother's body and they turn in the direction of the light. Animals often have a second eye-lid they use for detecting changes in light and shade when dozing.

The smelling exercises open up the door to a new dimension. They take inner body sensory awareness to a whole new depth. Please continue with Chapter 4: Mindfulness of Breathing and Smelling

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