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Put your hands up between your eyes, so you block the central area. You will get an impression of how it is to see with eyes on both sides of your face.

Then, you might be able to get into the feeling quickly, if you find a blank sheet of A4 –, fold it in half and hold it sideways in front of your eyes. Focus on it but look at the interesting things happening all around it. Then move it a few inches away, check the surroundings again – move it another few inches away then just look again. Once you can do this, find a blank wall, or a monotonous area of sky, anything which has no focal point, and focus on it – while looking at everything else.

Wait until it all merges into the oval shape of your field of vision, then look at the whole picture – if you are outside, you will see lots of things moving, just notice them all and keep looking at the whole picture.

My experience is that instead of looking at the world like a T.V. screen, it feels as though i'm right up inside the T.V. screen. The normal feeling of subject looking at object is considerably different, it's a 'being with' what i'm seeing, instead of looking at it.

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