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Focussing Separates, Broadbanding Integrates
Focussed thinking evolved to understand the distinction and relationship between objects; focussed sensing evolved to do things and thus always involves a doer and a done to, a subject and an object.

With the broadband way of sensing, animals feel more involved and connected with everything they sense. It evolved over billions of years because it is the most direct, simplest and reliable way of being in touch with what's going on.

Broadbanding belongs with that collection of rare words like love, and empathy, as a state of being where the subject is intimately involved with the object.

From the way we sense and the way we use our senses, we create the world we feel. This has often been said, but only rarely directly applied to our senses. It's nothing mystical or metaphysical, it's not even philosophical, it's just at first rather strange: I'm suggesting a physiological method of using the senses, to be awake, now, and feel connected with our immediate environment.

The Whole Picture
This mode of our being, is a base line experience for any philosophy or psychology of man, then without it we are only considering a limited version of what human beings can do and be - only understanding humans in the context of a relationship between focal points : 'I' and 'God'; or self and the world, - without the broadband balance of integration and nowness.

We're not considering the whole picture because we're only using part of our sensory abilities to feel it with.

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